Intangible: Concrete 2009

Wood carvings by Kevin Rackley, "Natural Energies" paintings by Dotti Brundrett

Intangible: Concrete December 09 Lucky Bat

Lucky Bat Contemporary Art * Water St & Hwy 27W * Comfort TX

Hours: Th/F/Sat 10 – 2, Sunday 10 – 4 



December 2009

INTANGIBLE: CONCRETE: Paintings by Brundrett, Wood sculpture by Kevin Rackley

Intangible: Concrete, Lucky Bat Dec 09

Portrait of Jack, Painting by Dotti Brundrett

Bouncing Apple Core Sculpture by Kevin Rackley

Maybe Elephants can Hear Mountains, Painting by Dotti Brundrett * Intangible: Concrete, Lucky Bat

Elephant by Kevin Rackley


Sam, Painting by Dotti Brundrett

Trout by Rackley, Intangible Concrete: Lucky Bat Dec 09


Intangible: Concrete at Lucky Bat Contemporary Art

Wood Carvings by Kevin Rackley at Lucky Bat Contemporary Art


Winter, painting by Dotti Brundrett at Lucky Bat Contemporary Art


Bronze Hands of Creation by Kevin Rackley

Intangible: Concrete


Lucky Bat will be closed in January for maintenance, but will reopen in February for an Abstract Art group show.  Please keep checking back for details.  Thanks.


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